Who We Are


In 1965, Mr. Chin-Shiung Lo founded Labelmen Machinery Co., Ltd. to produce the first automatic 2-color desktop press PW-80. In order to improve the quality of label press, Mr. Lo has been working for the specialization of technology through continuous research and development and expanding the operation team over 50 years.

Nowadays, Labelmen has become a trademark of professional label press worldwide and occupied the leading status of the product area. To making a step forward toward globalization and develop a solid foundation for future progress, Labelmen has invested a huge amount of capital to build a fully automatic and ideal production base in Linkou Industrial Park (Kung 4) in Kueishan to continue its mission to develop state-of-the-art printing machinery and bring more benefits to customers.

Managerial Philosophy

The three-arrow logo of Labelmen represents the flawless cooperation among three brothers. The circle that lies behind the arrows represents the perfection and harmony of united strength, and symbolizes the courage to conquer the world. Labelmen’s mottos are Integrity, Harmony and To Be a Pioneer. Integrity expresses the enterprise’s commitments to provide trustworthy and the best products to customers and to enhance total quality control. Harmony implies the enterprise’s mission to promote harmony among team members and to offer equal job opportunities, in order to demonstrate the united strength of Labelmen. To Be a Pioneer depicts the enterprise’s dedication to breakthroughs. By integrating corporate culture and enterprise resources on a common basis, Labelmen commits to the very principle of ‘to give and take’, ‘to make the best possible use of men’, and ‘team challenge’, in order to seek sustainable operations in the enterprise.